Drazil & Health

As parents, we know it’s important for our growing kids to eat a healthy diet. We try to teach our kids to make healthy food choices but we know it’s not always easy. At Drazil, our aim is to make healthy eating fun and easy. So we developed Drazil Kids Tea – a blend of herbal teas infused with real fruit juices. Fruit juice is the ideal sweetener as the sugar comes naturally from the fruit.

Drazil Kids Tea has no added sugar or sweeteners. In fact, our product has 35% less natural sugars than 100% juice.  We also feel Drazil is a better choice than juice and water blends since our teas contain more nutrients than water.

Drazil Kids Tea is a healthy blend of naturally caffeine-free teas that offer kids antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  All things kids need to help their bodies grow strong. It just makes sense that when it comes to making healthy choices, Drazil Kids Tea is the drink moms choose and kids love!