Does Drazil have caffeine?

There is absolutely no caffeine in Drazil products.  We use herbal tea which is naturally caffeine free.

Does Drazil have added sugar?

There is no sugar or sweetener added to our products. Fruit juice, however, does contain natural sugar and that’s why you see sugar on the nutrition facts panel.

Since this is a tea, is it safe for my child to drink more than one a day?

Of course! Drazil’s unique herbal blend features Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Rooibos, Pomegranate, and fruit pieces.  All these ingredients are naturally caffeine-free, safe to consume in large quantities and offer antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – providing an added benefit.

Why is Drazil Kids Tea a healthy alternative to 100% juice and juice drinks?

Drazil Kids Tea is a healthy blend of naturally caffeine-free teas that offer kids antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  We have 35% less natural sugars than 100% juice.  Our product is sweetened with real fruit juices, not cane sugar as is in some juice drinks.  We also feel Drazil is a better choice than juice and water blends since our teas contain more nutrients than water.

Is this product organic?

While Drazil Kids Tea consists of more tea than juice, our organic ingredients are not at the 95% level to be considered certified organic.

Does Drazil contain any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners?

There is nothing artificial in our product.

Does Drazil contain gluten?

No. Drazil contains no grain products and thus is considered gluten-free.

Is Drazil pasteurized?

Yes. All Drazil flavors are pasteurized before being packaged.

Can adults drink Drazil?

Yes, especially if they want a tea with no caffeine. Drazil is the only ready-to-drink herbal tea on the market today that is brewed (that we’re aware of).  We believe brewed tea is better tea. So, go ahead and enjoy a Drazil with your child.

How did Draz get his name?

Our brand name Drazil is lizard spelled backwards.  The founder’s niece thought the nickname ‘Draz’ would be a fun name for our loveable chameleon.