Reading: Why Are Those 20 Minutes a Day So Important?

All of us with school-age children know it’s important to read daily.  Many schools and teachers use reading logs and rewards to encourage kids to read.  But why are those twenty minutes of daily reading so important?

Read 20 Minutes a Day for Happy, Healthy Minds

We know- with busy schedules and other priorities, it’s hard to get in 20 minutes.

But why is reading so important?

why can't I skip reading

20 minutes a day = 3,600 minutes in a school year = 1,800,000 words = better vocabulary = better writing = higher success and it goes on and on . . . .

Now let’s get to our hands on tips to help get those 20 minutes in:

  • Keep a few books in the car for “waiting around times” or for ease of grabbing as you’re dashing off.
  • Instead of reading before bedtime when kids (and parents) are tired, try reading together at a different time of day (and get a little extra “mommy time” in too!)
  • Have different types of books around that fit different lengths of time you/your child may have: story/chapter book, book with CD (younger kids), a kid’s magazine, fact books/world record books.

Books we love at Drazil:

Eyewitness series (kids 8+): topics range from science to historical events to ricks and minerals and animals. They are packed with facts and pictures for entertainment.

National Geographic for Kids Almanac: full of quirky facts that kids love.

Weird but True! Outrageous Facts: also by national geographic.

Time for Kids- Big Book of Why: 1001 Facts Kids Want to Know.

The Penderwicks Series – great series for girls ages 8+. These books come in audio, too!

Drazil Foods is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of these companies or authors. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

What are your favorite books to read with your children? How do you make time for reading?

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