Our People

“The Drazil team is dedicated to strengthening kids’ confidence through nutrition.”


Christine Wheeler– Founder and Tea Lover

Christine Wheeler

Christine hopes her passion for traveling and tea rubs off on her four kids. She’s had the fortune to visit more than 20 countries and briefly live in two. In her travels she saw kids around the world drinking tea. “Why aren’t more kids in the US doing the same?” she thought. “It’s a great alternative to high sugar beverages.” As a veteran of Procter & Gamble, Christine knows what it takes to bring a new product to market; it has to be the best tasting drink possible. So with the help of her children’s taste buds, lots of consumer input and endless hours of work, Drazil is now ready-to-drink!

Christine’s favorite childhood memory: Crawling into my parents’ bed in the morning and snuggling.

Christine’s favorite tea moment: When my youngest son asked for a cup of tea prepared just like mine.

Mike Quezada – Chief Producer

Mike Quezada

Mike has lived and breathed kids’ beverages his entire career. When he was a juice buyer for a major international company, he visited juice concentrate plants in over 14 countries. At one point when his kids were young, Mike was a plant manager for a beverage manufacturing facility. We are thrilled that the sourcing of Drazil’s ingredients and production of our beverages are being handled by Mike. We believe his initials, MQ, really stand for “Mucho Quality”!

Mike’s favorite childhood memory: Taking apart my sister’s skates and nailing them on a 2×4 to make a skateboard.

Mike’s favorite tea moment: Ok, so Mike is addicted to diet soda. We’re working on him.

Mary Lachnit – Master Developer and Consumer Insights Guru

Mary Lachnit

With two teenage daughters in the house, Mary has learned how to listen well. A good thing too as that is what Mary does for her work. She listens to consumers, understands what they want, and integrates the findings to produce real products. Mary has played a critical role in developing and launching many new products. We may be biased but we think Drazil is her best one yet. So when you’re enjoying those sips of Drazil, raise your drink and say, “Thank you, Mary!”

Mary’s favorite childhood memory: Being at my grandparents’ cabin with my family.

Mary’s favorite tea moment: Sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton Boston sipping tea with my friends.

Maisie Wong-Paredes – Marketing Specialist and Tea Enthusiast

Maisie Wong-Paredes

As a mom of two very active boys, Maisie has to be on top of her game when it comes to organizing schedules, managing multiple priorities and getting results. She also wears many hats in her work life as product innovator, developer and marketer. Her dedication to kids, enthusiasm for healthy living and experience launching new products will be put to use helping Drazil achieve its goal of making healthy eating fun for kids and easy for parents.

Maisie’s favorite childhood memory: When my parents took my sisters and me to get ice cream cones and then we would walk along the river and watch the speed boats.

Maisie’s favorite tea moment: Relaxing and catching up with a friend over tea and cookies.