Top Northern California Bloggers Take Drazil Kids Tea for an Adventure

Our days are filled with carpools, soccer practice, homework, and packing lunches.

Yes, it’s easy to see that summer break has come to an end and we’re back to our school year routines.

But before we say goodbye to the summer of 2013 for good, we wanted to share how some popular bloggers in Northern California enjoyed their summer adventures with Drazil Kids Tea in tow.

Last month, we invited several bloggers to take Drazil Kids Tea on an adventure and blog about it. Where would they go? What would they do? Would they like Drazil?

We didn’t know… but we were excited to see how their adventures turned out.

We hope you enjoy reading about their Drazil Kids Tea adventures as much as we did!

The Aums brought Drazil Kids Tea to a post-camp family potluck celebration! Yum, turned out Drazil was the refreshment of the day!

The Aums gives Drazil Kids Tea boxes a thumbs up!

Photo by The Aums

The blogger behind the Frisco Kids took Drazil Kids Tea on a family road trip. All aboard!

Frisco Kids takes Drazil Kids Tea on a road trip

Photo by Frisco Kids

The Kludgy Mom had her juice box-addicted daughter give Drazil Kids Tea a try. Her daughter gave it a thumbs up and said, “Hey, these are really good, Mom!” Mom says her daughter hasn’t had a SINGLE traditional juice box since bringing Drazil into the house.

“School started last week, and she’s happily taking Drazil every day in her lunchbox. This is a smart school lunch idea if I ever saw one,” she says.

The Reynolds Mom took Drazil Kids Tea on a “taste test” adventure with her son, Buddy. (PS: They discovered that Buddy’s favorite flavor is Fruit Punch!)

The Reynolds Mom loves Drazil Kids Tea as juice box alternative

Photo by The Reynolds Mom

Mama of 3 Munchkins says, “The munchkins LOVE the natural flavors of Drazil Kids Tea, and this mama is super thrilled to know that I have a more healthier juice option to give to my kids. Woot.”

Unknown Mami took Drazil Kids Tea on an everyday bike ride adventure with her daughter. (You’ll be happy to know that Drazil provided much needed hydration on this adventure!)

Unknown Mami quenches thirst with Drazil Kids Tea

Photo by Unknown Mami

Very Bloggy calls Drazil Kids Tea, “Bowie Approved!” Bowie is her son.

She adds, “I toss them in two or three days a week. I vary it so he’s always pleasantly surprised, and it adds a little bit of fun to the monotonous packed lunch. Once in a while he will even thank me after school for putting one in his lunch.”

Very Bloggy says Drazil Kids Tea is Kid-Approved!

Photo by Very Bloggy

Here are a couple more adventures to check out too:

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Where would you take Drazil Kids Tea for your family adventure? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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